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Should I Get My A/C Repaired?

The Short Answer Is “Yes”

Should you shovel out the big bucks to get your air conditioning repaired? The hot summer sun would absolutely tell you, “yes.” However, fixing an air conditioning system can be a costly repair. Routine maintenance of your vehicle can keep you from expensive fixes that may strangle your savings account, but sometimes we don’t know something is wrong until we are past the point of routine maintenance helping. So, why has your A/C bit the dust? I’ll explain below.

What Are The Parts Of An Air Conditioning System?

Knowing the system is half of the battle, and there are five basic components to any A/C system in a vehicle. There’s the compressor, which compresses refrigerant that makes the air in your car blow cold. There’s the condenser, which is essentially a radiator: it removes heat from the system when heat isn’t necessary. The receiver-drier gets rid of any moisture or gross contaminants that may be lurking around in the refrigerant mixture churning its way through your system, and the evaporator is what allows the spraying of cold air into the cabin of your vehicle. The last part, the expansion valve, is what acts as a sort of gauge for the expanding refrigerant. It regulates the flow of that refrigerant by reducing its pressure, allowing it to cycle through the entire system safely.

How Do I Know What’s Broken?

A specially-trained technician will be able to take a look at your vehicle and tell you exactly where the issue lies. But, the two biggest things that fail the majority of the time are the compressor and the evaporator coil. Whether it’s something as simple as requiring freon to recharge the air conditioning system or whether the issue is as steep as your compressor failing altogether, you’re in good hands with the people of West Automotive Group in West Escondido, CA.

Why Can’t I Just Roll Down My Windows?

You could, and believe me, many people do. But, here’s the problem: quick fixes can turn into costly fixes if not taken care of immediately. In other words, putting a band-aid on an open, gaping wound is only going to worsen the problem in the long run. If the air in your car is beginning to blow lukewarm instead of cool when what you want is to be iced out of your own vehicle, allowing that problem to continue can lead to an unnecessary tax on the components that make up your car’s air conditioning system. That puts the more expensive components under duress, and they will buckle beneath that pressure before too long. See how that gets sticky quickly?

If your A/C system is beginning to act up, now’s the time to take action. Let the certified technicians at West Automotive Group in West Escondido, CA, fix the small problem before it morphs into a bigger one. Give them a call today at [as_phone] so they can get you back on the road and comfortable in your own car again!

Written by West Automotive Group