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5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check

5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check

Your vehicle passing a smog check is essential because if you fail, you won’t be able to legally drive your car. Smog tests exist to ensure that cars aren’t producing too many emissions, keeping the air clean as possible. Follow these five tips on how to pass a smog test and visit West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, to get excellent car maintenance services in San Diego’s premier automotive and transmission repair shop.

Make sure your engine light is off

Did you know that an illuminated check engine light will make you automatically fail? It’s the easiest issue you can avoid by getting your vehicle diagnosed by a certified auto mechanic at a local auto shop. An experienced car mechanic will diagnose your vehicle's issue, so you don’t have to waste time on a failed smog check.

Get an oil change

Getting an oil change is important to do before a smog test because dirty oil releases more pollutants than clean oil. Carbon builds up in the engine’s oil, and old oil may cause your vehicle to fail the test. While you get an oil change, ask the technician to check for cracks with the hoses as well.

Have good tire pressure

When your tires don’t have good tire pressure, your engine will work harder, and fumes get released into the air. Your tires will be checked during a high-speed dynamometer test that rotates your car. Have good tire pressure so they spin easily, putting less strain on your vehicle’s engine, causing your engine to burn cleaner.

Use fuel additives

Adding fuel additives to your vehicle’s gas tank will help clean your vehicle’s fuel lines. Using fuel additives will prevent carbon buildup and may help your car pass the smog check.

Test on a cool day when it’s not raining

Take a smog test when it’s cool outside and not raining. The cool air will make your car run more efficiently. Additionally, rainy weather makes your tires slippery. Although your tires will be dried before the dynamometer test, it’s better to avoid bad weather so you can avoid any possible skewed readings from the testing machine.

Pass your smog test by going to West Automotive Group

Ensure your vehicle passes the smog test by getting high-quality auto service at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California. Our ASE-certified and ATRA-certified technicians have top-of-the-line, advanced diagnostic equipment, and our friendly techs are ready to serve and meet every repair your vehicle needs from bumper to bumper.

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