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Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Engine Oil Leak

Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Oil Leak

Oil leaks can be difficult to diagnose because it could indicate various problems with your vehicle’s oil system. Luckily, oil leaks can be avoided by oil system repairs and oil changes at a reputable auto repair shop. At West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission in San Diego, California, our ASE-certified technicians will provide quality auto care, including oil change services. Learn the possible reasons why your vehicle has an oil leak.

Valve cover gasket leaks

A common source of oil leaks occurs due to valve cover gasket wear. Gaskets are constantly exposed to high temperatures and pressures from hot fluids. This causes the valve covers to warp over time where the surface connects to the cylinder head, making it no longer flat, leading to oil leaks. Usually, it starts off as small drips under your car. Additionally, the gasket may lose its elasticity and sealing ability, leading to oil leaks. Don’t dismiss even small oil leaks because it can turn into a big expense the longer it’s ignored.

Oil filter wear

Oil filter wear is also a common culprit of oil leaks. If your oil filter is the wrong size or crooked, it will lead to oil dripping. During oil changes, a mechanic will change the filter and check that it’s not loose or misaligned, ensuring the oil filter fits properly.

Drain plug or filler cap damage

The drain plug is located at the base of the oil pan. If it has worn out, loose, or misaligned treads, that can be another cause of an oil leak. While your car is running, the engine's pressure can also cause oil leaks if your vehicle’s filler cap is loose, missing, or broken.

Don’t ignore oil leaks

If you suspect your oil system needs repaired, getting them serviced as soon as possible will save you money. When you notice an oil leak, come to West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission in San Diego, California, to get full-service oil change services and affordable car maintenance. Our technicians will ensure to replace your vehicle’s oil filter, change your oil efficiently, and provide any necessary car repair to get your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Written by West Automotive Group