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What Did Hitting That Pothole Do To Your Vehicle?

What are the signs of pothole damage on my vehicle?

Potholes are a part of life if you live just about anywhere in the US. You might encounter them driving around town or even on the highway. While they may look innocuous, the truth is that hitting potholes can do serious damage to your vehicle, especially when it comes to your suspension and wheel alignment.

The best thing you can do is remain aware when you drive and use defensive driving techniques to avoid hitting potholes in the first place, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Your next option is to take your vehicle to your preferred service center to repair any damage hitting a pothole may have done to your vehicle.

Bent Rims

You might notice a bent rim on one or more of your tires after hitting a pothole. The force you hit the pothole will determine how much damage was done to the bent wheel. The amount of damage done can also be affected by the size of your rims. Larger rims mean less rubber between your rim and the pothole, which can result in more damage. A bent rim can affect your ability to control your vehicle and is a safety hazard.

Tire Bulges

Hitting potholes with force can cause a breakdown in the inner weave of the tire that allows it to support the weight of your vehicle and occupants. You might notice a bulge or bubble on the sidewall of your tire when this happens. Such damage predisposes your tires to blow-outs, so you should replace a bulging or bubbled tire as soon as possible to avoid safety issues or further repairs.

Suspension Damage

Hitting potholes can cause damage to many parts of your suspension system including struts and suspension arms. This damage can worsen over time as components loosen due to vibration in the failing components. If you notice that your wheel alignment has gone wonky or that there is play in the steering wheel when you’re making turns, it’s time to take your vehicle in for service to repair the damage by hitting the pothole.

West Automotive Group in San Diego, CA, is there for you and your vehicle after encountering a pothole. Their qualified technicians will be happy to help you discover the full extent of the damage done by the pothole. If you’ve recently hit a pothole and have noticed some changes in how your vehicle drives, give us a call and make an appointment to have us inspect and repair your vehicle as soon as possible. Early detection is the key to avoiding future more expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Written by West Automotive Group