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Boost Engine Performance

Keep Your Engine Running Powerfully

Increase Engine Power and Performance

Do you have a need for speed? Or maybe you just want to maintain your vehicle’s engine power and performance for as long as you own it. Whatever the case may be, improving engine performance is much easier than it sounds. An optimally performing engine starts with high-quality engine repair and maintenance services. Fortunately, the experienced mechanics at West Automotive Group in San Diego County, California, deliver all of that and more! Plus, we’re more than happy to share our expert tips and tricks to keep your car’s engine running at its best. Keep reading to learn our secrets for an optimally performing engine.

5 Tips and Tricks for Improving Engine Performance

Use these five time-tested tips to optimize engine performance.

Understand Your Engine: In order to improve engine performance, you first need to develop a basic understanding of your engine’s maintenance needs. Simply refer to your owner’s manual to learn your car’s factory maintenance service schedule.

Use Synthetic Lubes: Engine oil is available in synthetic, conventional, and blended options. We recommend always choosing synthetic motor oil to keep your engine running at its best. It keeps your engine components sufficiently lubricated and is best for older cars with high mileage.

Install a Turbocharger: While this can be expensive, adding a turbocharger can boost engine power by up to 50 ponies. That’s because it forces more fuel and air into the system quicker. That equates to better burn.

Keep an Eye on Your Ignition: A well-performing engine and a healthy ignition system go hand-in-hand. If your ignition system has an issue or needs a faulty part replaced, it will compromise your engine’s performance and power.

Quality Engine Repairs: Taking great care of your engine ensures it will have better power and performance. If your car is struggling to start, making strange noises, or overheating, call the engine repair specialists at West Automotive Group in San Diego County, California, or visit us at one of our [autolab_locations_count] locations.

Best-in-Class Engine Repairs

Does your vehicle need engine repair services? If so, contact the automotive repair experts at West Automotive Group in San Diego County, California, today. For over 15 years, we have been repairing and maintaining countless engines across the region. Our AAA-Approved auto repair shops have state-of-the-art tools and equipment, allowing us to repair engines, perform check engine diagnostics, change oils and filters, and more. We also offer brake, transmission, and auto A/C repair solutions.

Contact West Automotive Group in San Diego County, California, for all your auto repairs and maintenance needs. Come into our shop to experience great customer service!

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