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Wheel Alignment in Miramar, CA

Have Your Wheels Realigned By Our Professionals

Misaligned wheels can cause your car to drift, and it can make your suspension and steering components more susceptible to damages. This is why it’s important you have wheel alignment services every year or two. Whether you’re long overdue or you’re starting to notice problems, it’s always a great idea to have your wheels aligned by trained professionals. If you live in Miramar, California, you should know that West Automotive Group is the preferred choice for many San Diego County drivers. Our wheel alignment experts will ensure your wheels are properly aligned, so your vehicle operates safely and efficiently.

Why You Should Have Your Wheels Aligned

Wheel alignment services aren’t just something your local auto repair shop recommends — there are major benefits to doing so. For starters, properly aligned wheels reduce the amount of work your vehicle needs to exert to move, which in turn results in improved gas mileage. You’ll also spare your tires, which will wear out quickly and unevenly when they are not properly aligned.

Even more importantly, you’ll have a much safer driving experience. If your vehicle is out of alignment, it may start to drift to one side or the other, even when the steering wheel is straight. Also, if you run over bumps or potholes, your suspension system will take the brunt of the impact since your tires are not evenly supporting your vehicle. Before that happens, you should bring your vehicle to our Miramar location so our trained technicians can correct your wheel’s alignment.

When You Should Bring Your Vehicle to Our Shop

While there are some obvious signs your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment (such as drifting or an off-center steering wheel), they are not always present. It’s important for your car’s health that you have your wheels checked at least once a year, though our ASE-certified technicians can give you more specific advice based on your car and driving habits. Otherwise, a few specific events would warrant wheel alignment services, such as getting new tires, having an accident, or lifting/lowering your vehicle.

West Automotive is Your Local Auto Repair Team

When we opened our first location in 1993, we set out to offer high-quality automotive and transmission repair services. Our trained and certified technicians now provide a wide range of services to thousands of customers across our four locations in San Diego County. If you live near Miramar and your vehicle has alignment issues, our experienced staff will take care of it for you. Just give us a call at (858) 457-5716 or stop by our shop, located at 5726 Miramar Road.