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Brake Repair in El Cajon, California

Brake Repair 101

Your #1 Choice

Hands down, the brakes are the most significant system in your vehicle for very obvious reasons. So, it’s no wonder why keeping an eye on things such as brake rotors and pads is always carved into our routine maintenance plans. Your braking system’s safety and performance durability strictly depends on how well you maintain its features. The life of your vehicle is at risk whenever the brakes are compromised, not to mention your own well-being. Seeing as your vehicle’s brakes are sometimes the only thing in between you and catastrophic trouble, West Automotive Group in El Cajon, CA, puts brake maintenance and repair at the top of the list. A well-adjusted braking system doesn’t just keep you alive, though. It can enhance the vehicle’s handling and how much control you have behind the wheel. That is why the minute you start experiencing performance issues of any sort, you need to bring your car in to visit us. A 24,000-mile nationwide warranty covers everything we touch, including brake system parts. So, you can drive away from our auto repair shop knowing that you’re covered should something else happen. Because just like your braking system always has your back, so do we.

Symptoms Of Larger Issues

For some, it can be hard to pinpoint when something is wrong with the brakes in your vehicle, especially if there is an emergency. Some warning signs are noticeable, such as a high-pitched squeal whenever you depress your brake pedal while moving. But other signs aren’t as noticeable. That is why having an ASE-certified technician inspect your braking system is paramount. The squealing many of us know by heart comes specifically from worn down brake pads that have gone too long before being changed. However, brake pads aren’t the only component in your braking system that can fail at any given point in time. That is why we are a one-stop shop with grade-A diagnostic and repair equipment. Whether your brake rotors are warped, or your brake calipers require replacement, we have the tools and knowledge to get you safely back on the road. There are other signs to look out for when keeping tabs on your vehicle; not all of these signs come with sounds. If you have a brake light on your dashboard and it is lit, for example, then that is a prime time moment to get your vehicle in to see us. But not every car comes with that dashboard light. If your steering wheel vibrates while you’re coming to a stop, your brake rotors need to be examined. If there is fluid leaking from beneath your vehicle and you are struggling to brake the way you used to, that could indicate brake fluid leaking from the master cylinder. However, no matter the issue, we have the equipment to handle the fix.

El Cajon’s Brake Experts

For some, brake maintenance is all about timing. For others, brake maintenance is life-saving. That is why we work brake checks into every single maintenance plan we schedule for our vehicles. Keeping an eye on the system that unarguably gets the biggest workout while on the road helps to stave off major repairs, keeping more money in your pocket. Our 24,000-mile nationwide warranty covers any and all brake maintenance and repairs, just in case you get into another sticky situation and aren’t near us. So, if you are experiencing anything we mentioned above or just need an expert eye on your car’s braking system, book an appointment with us! Stop by at 844 N. Johnson Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020 or call us today at (619) 440-4044. Let’s get you one step closer to being stress-free.