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Oil Change Service in West El Cajon, CA

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What is oil and how does it help my engine?

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It provides lubrication, prevents friction, and unnecessary wear and tear on your car’s engine. It also helps form a seal between the cylinder walls and the pistons. Oil helps to keep the engine cool and not overheat. It comes with additives that include dispersants, rust combatants, friction fighters and detergents. These additives all have limited lifespans. Without clean oil, varnish and carbon buildup can occur and be harmful to your engine. Having your oil changed often, is imperative to maintaining your car’s health and performance. Don’t let something as simple as an oil change service get in the way of keeping your car running the way it should. Our ASE Master Certified Technicians will make sure to take care of your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible. At West El Cajon Automotive and Transmission in El Cajon, CA, we strive for complete customer care and satisfaction.

Factors that tell you it is time for an oil change

Mileage isn’t the only thing that can let you know when to get your car an oil change or lube service. Catching problems early can save you money by avoiding costly repairs. If you fail to change your motor oil, you run the risk of your engine seizing or needing a fuel system cleaning service performed. If that happens, your engine will need replacement. If you don’t know when your last oil change or oil filter replacement was, keep an eye out for the following things.

  1. Is your check engine or oil light on?
  2. Check the dipstick, do you have enough oil?
  3. Does your oil look dark and dirty, and not amber in color?

Listen to how your car sounds

  1. Is your engine running harder or louder than usual?
  2. Are you hearing a knocking or clunking sound coming from the engine?

With all the different types of cars and engines out there today it can be hard to know when to get your oil changed and what type of oil to use. Synthetic blends? Full synthetic blends? Valvoline instant oil? We can make it easy for you! We suggest referring to your owner’s manual or bring in your vehicle and we will help you set up a standard maintenance schedule that personally fits your vehicle and driving habits.

Auto Service you can Trust

Being apart of the West El Cajon Automotive & Transmission, you know you can expect quality service and excellent customer satisfaction. Included with every conventional oil change is a free AAA 40 point inspection. Our ASE certified Technicians will check your fluids, lights, tires, belts, brakes, see if you need air filter replacements, check your differential fluid, and much more. Armed with all the latest tools, hardware, and diagnostic equipment we able to work on all makes and models including Hybrid vehicles. Don’t wait to get your oil changed, call (619) 440-4044 or schedule your appointment online with one of our service centers today!