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Diesel Repair in El Cajon, California

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One of the most feared issues with any vehicle to an owner is, you guessed it, engine troubles. Those check engine lights can give any driver a sinking feeling in their gut whenever it stays illuminated on the dashboard, and that doesn’t consider the type of engine your vehicle has! A diesel engine requires a skilled hand and a knowledgeable technician in order to navigate the delicate ins and outs of everything it needs. As always, preventative maintenance with any major system of your diesel car, truck, or SUV is paramount. However, emergencies happen, so you need the ASE-certified experts at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, CA. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery takes no time at all to diagnose what is going on with your diesel engine, and our upgraded facilities give us the tools necessary to repair anything that goes wrong. From a faulty mass air flow sensor to a failing catalytic converter, we are prepared to tackle any problem facing your diesel engine. As your one-stop-shop for all automotive repairs and maintenance, that is our promise to you.

Common Diesel Engine Repairs

Just like every other system in your vehicle, some stereotypical breakdowns and issues come with diesel engines. However, many of these problems can be avoided by regular preventative maintenance. Taking preventative measures to avoid things like coolant leaks and broken hoses is imperative to the health of your engine. Keeping things clean, in general, is one of the main things we always instruct diesel engine owners to do. The open road can cause a great amount of dirt and dust buildup within your engine, and if not dealt with properly, can cascade into a mountain of issues. Despite preventative maintenance, however, emergencies can happen. And yes, in most cases, diesel engines don’t need as many repairs overall as their gasoline counterparts. That still doesn’t make them immune to common wear and tear issues. Diesel engines can experience everything from a lack of power behind acceleration to fuel contamination, and knowing what the symptoms are will help you stave off larger repair issues. For instance, if your diesel vehicle isn’t accelerating the way that it should after you press the gas pedal, or if you’re struggling to strike up your engine in the first place, that signifies a larger developing issue. Fuel contamination is also easier since diesel fuel is so much more viscous than regular old gasoline. More viscous means easier to contaminate, which means regular flushes are required to avoid bigger problems developing. All of these issues, and more, are why preventative maintenance practices on diesel engines are vital.

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Whether your diesel engine is overheating or your vehicle has been sitting for too long, and the oil has oxygenated, we know how to fix it. At West Automotive Group in El Cajon, CA, our ASE-certified technicians have a combined four decades of experience, bringing you the most comprehensive diesel engine repair team in San Diego County. Stop in and pick our brains at 844 N. Johnson Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020 or give us a call to get on our schedule at (619) 440-4044. Visit, and see why the locals trust only us with their diesel engine maintenance and repairs.