New Transmissions are not easily available, so what do you do when you have transmission problems. You will have to decide whether it needs to be rebuilt or repaired. What is the difference between the two and again why can’t you just buy one, have us slap it in, and go? If only transmission repair problems were that easy. Your transmission is probably the most important and complicated components within your vehicle. It is also the most misunderstood and complicated component in your car or truck. No one thing inside your vehicle has more going on inside it. Sometimes the best option isn’t easy to figure out or cheap. Let our experts help you navigate your way through these decisions. Your average car repair shops are not equipped to handle a rebuild or repair transmission and will farm out the service to another shop, like ours who specialize in this. It takes a true transmission specialist to be able to recognize problems before they turn into major repairs. Our mechanics are all ASE Certified technicians who are consistently updated on all makes and models. We are also apart of ATRA, Automatic transmission Rebuilders Association. Our mission is to provide you with the proper resources to make an informed decision and get your transmission running and fixed quickly. ATRA’s Golden Rule Warranty, 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty, also provides added comfort with your repair. Our shop is equipped with top of the line diagnostic tools and quality parts for the most accurate repairs possible. Serving the El Cajon, CA and surrounding areas since 1992, you can trust that our skilled professionals can repair or rebuild your automatic or manual transmission.

What is the difference between a rebuilt and a repaired transmission?

The big difference is money and time. One of the reasons why you need to bring your transmission repair to an expert. We can help make sure you are not paying for something that isn’t necessary. We are trained to find and fix problems prior to them becoming a huge repair that can cost thousands of dollars. A rebuilt or overhauled trans is disassembled and inspected for damaged or worn parts. Then they replace only what is necessary and reassemble to factory specifications. This can be further explained by ATRA’s Minimum Rebuild Standards. A repaired transmission is needed when a specific part or component needs to be replaced and doesn’t require the entire transmission to be completely disassembled, which can cost significantly less than a rebuild.

Need a few more reasons to bring your Transmission repair to West El Cajon Automotive and Transmission

When you bring your car to us we understand how much trust you are putting into our Transmission repair skills. We are proud to say that not only does our team meet expectations, but they are also known for exceeding our customer’s expectations regularly. We like to go the extra mile for safety when you come into the shop. For every car serviced we provide a 40 point safety inspection. This inspection includes our techs checking all your belts, fluids, brakes, battery, lights, hoses, and tires. We make sure your car is safe and ready to be on the road every time it leaves our shop. We have a free local shuttle and low cost car rentals available for your convenience. So stop by, call or make your appointment online today.

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