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ADAS Calibration in Kearny Mesa, California

Keeping Your Systems Calibrated

What is ADAS?

Most modern vehicles have an ADAS system installed. If you are wondering what that is, the technicians at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, CA, have the answer. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. ADAS includes a range of technologies such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and more. Calibration is necessary to ensure these systems function accurately and reliably. It is not a repair you can make at home. Our certified team of experts has the skills to get your system back on track. You don’t have to worry about additional malfunctions when you leave our shop. If you feel your car needs ADAS calibration, stop by our shop at 8027 Balboa Ave Suite A, San Diego, CA 92111.

ADAS Issues and Calibration

ADAS systems rely on sensors, cameras, radars, and other components to gather data and provide feedback to the driver or intervene in critical situations. Calibration aligns these components to ensure precise measurements and accurate functioning. Proper calibration ensures the systems can detect and respond appropriately to potential hazards, improving overall safety on the road. Calibration ensures that these systems are accurately calibrated and aligned, enabling them to provide precise and reliable information. This accuracy is crucial for features such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring to function effectively, enhancing overall safety. If these systems are not calibrated, it can decrease your safety. There are signs that something is wrong with your ADAS. One major one is your car no longer gives proper warning signals. This could cause a serious accident. Another issue is dirty sensors. Accumulated dirt, debris, or physical damage to the sensors can hinder their ability to provide accurate data. Our team will clean and recalibrate the sensors immediately. Repairs may be required if an issue is detected during ADAS calibration or through system diagnostics. Depending on the problem, repairs can range from simple component replacements (e.g., damaged sensors) to more complex repairs (e.g., damaged wiring harnesses or control modules). We have the latest technology to diagnose any calibration issues and repair them.

Service You Can Trust

Reliable and honest service is what you will find at West Automotive Group. We always have the customer in mind with all we do. You will never find hidden costs or get repairs you don’t need. A 24,000-mile nationwide warranty backs all our repairs. We honor our warranties. There is also a pleasant waiting area while you wait on your vehicle. Our staff is always available to answer your questions about ADAS calibration and more. You can call us today at (858) 560-0156 for an appointment or use our online scheduler. Come experience a service you can trust.