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Tune-Up in San Diego, CA

What Happens During a Tune-Up in Our Garage –West Automotive Group

Every car requires regular inspections to ensure that everything is in working condition. One of the best ways to do this is to get your vehicle in for a tune every 50,000 miles. Not only can it help ensure that your car remains in top condition, but a tune-up will also help identify any ongoing or future issues that need to be addressed.

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways for car owners to ensure their cars’ safety and performance. However, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s needed for car maintenance. If your vehicle needs to be professionally fixed, stop by West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission today to see why we’re the chosen car maintenance option in San Diego, California.

Vehicle Inspection

Several critical checks are conducted during the tune-up to ensure maximum efficiency. Next, the battery and engine are tested for voltage levels and leakage or any other possible issues that may affect the car and any leaks in the exhaust and the fuel control loop.

Afterward, the vehicle’s exhaust system and the injectors are tested to ensure that they are all functioning correctly. Upon completion of the exhaust, the car sensors will be tested for any possible issues. From there, the inspection will switch to the ignition system.

A vehicle inspection can also include checking for corroded or broken wires to ensure the engine’s timing and avoid power failure. Finally, your vehicle’s oil and fluid levels will be tested, as well as the engine to search for any fault codes and other problems that need to be resolved.

Replace Necessary Parts

Another essential aspect involved with a tune-up is checking for parts that may need to be replaced. Typically, spark plugs will need to be changed so that they can provide adequate voltage. Fuel filters, belts, and hoses may also need to be changed, as well.

Overall, anything that can improve overall engine performance will be assessed. The mechanic will let you know what should be replaced to ensure the vehicle’s efficient operation.

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We take auto repair and maintenance seriously at West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission. With our qualified licensed mechanics team, we will ensure that your car is always operating safely and efficiently. Come and see us in San Diego, California, conveniently located at 8027 Balboa Avenue today or give us a call at (858) 560-0156 to schedule your tune-up today.