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Suspension Repair in San Diego, CA

Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of Needing Suspension Repair? –West Automotive Group

Your car’s steering and suspension play a vital role in your driving experience’s overall safety and comfort. Not only does your suspension system help withstand the formidable force you feel when driving on jarring roads, but your steering system lets you retain full control of your car. However, like several other parts in your vehicle, your steering and suspension will be weak over time and will eventually require repairs.

If this is the case with your car, it is vital that you see a suspension repair mechanic as soon as you can. If you think your vehicle needs steering and suspension repair, come and see us at the West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission in San Diego, California today and let us know how we can help. There are several things you may look for while trying to assess whether or not your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems will need to be fixed.

Rough Driving Experience

One of the first signs that you may find when your suspension system fails is that your car does not run as smoothly as it once did. This is also felt when driving over any bump or crack in the road that can cause the vehicle to bounce when driving.

Difficulty Steering

Your car should be pretty easy to steer, and it shouldn’t take too much strength to drive. However, if your vehicle is becoming increasingly difficult to steer, there might be something wrong with your suspension or steering systems. Since both processes are interconnected, it is essential to pay attention to any warning signs.

Low Sitting Vehicle

If you find that one side of your car is significantly lower than the other when parked, this is likely to be a sign of a damaged or broken spring. You may also hear clunking noises when going over bumps on the road or showing signs of “nose diving” when you come to a complete stop. Other devices may have to compensate for this if the weight of the vehicle changes, and the shocks or struts are affected.

Suspension Repair Made Simple

Steering and suspension repairs are essential components to ensure proper control and safety of your vehicle. That’s why it’s critical that they are well maintained, regularly inspected, and repaired at the first sign of problems.

If you would like to schedule a steering and suspension repair appointment in San Diego, California, please call us today at the West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission at (858) 560-0156. You can also come and visit us conveniently located at 8027 Balboa Avenue and one of our technicians will be happy to help you.