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Local & Efficient Oil Change in San Diego, CA

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West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission of San Diego, CA provides full-service synthetic, high mileage, and conventional oil change service. Why waste time and money at the dealership, when we offer professional and affordable car care and maintenance for Kearny Mesa residents. Our team strives for complete customer satisfaction and takes a more personalized method of auto maintenance. The driver, how often they drive, and the conditions they drive in are all factored in to create individual and personalized maintenance plans; that not only suit the vehicle but the driver as well. Proper maintenance is crucial and will reduce breakdowns, unexpected repairs, along with saving you money. Our ASE Certified Technicians are skilled and experienced in all vehicle makes and models, including imports and hybrids. Protect your engine by stopping by our 8027 Balboa Ave. location or call (858) 560-0156 for service today.

Oil What Does it Do for Your Engine?

Oil does more than you know for your engine. In fact, it will not run without it. It allows moving parts within your engine to work together smoothly through lubrication. It prevents friction and reduces excessive wear and tear on your engine components. Additionally, it helps cool your engine and withdraw heat to avoid overheating. Additives are now included in most conventional oils they include rust inhibitors, detergents, dispersants, and friction fighters. After regular use, oil and the additives within will break down and become less efficient. Failure to change your oil can result in carbon and varnish buildup that is harmful to your engine and its components. Routine oil change intervals are essential to prolong your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Our Certified Techs will inspect your vehicle bumper to bumper for safety during service, replace the oil filter, and change your oil quickly and efficiently. West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission of San Diego, CA is your new dealership alternative oil change and maintenance service center in Kearny Mesa that you can trust.

Do Your Know Proper Service Interval?

Failure to change your oil can lead to costly repairs and in extreme cases require engine repair or replacement. Avoid the risk of engine damage with timely service and oil change service. Vehicles used to require an oil change every 3 months to 3,000 miles. Newer cars these days have manufacturer recommendations that allow for more time between service intervals. Some vehicles can go for 5,000 miles, 7,000 miles, and even 10,000 miles before requiring service depending on the type of motor oil used. Do you know what your car’s service interval is or when you had an oil change last? If you cannot recall, you more than likely require an oil change. However, look out for a few problems. Is your check engine or oil light on? Check your oil dipstick; is the oil amber in color and is there enough oil? How is your car running? Listen to it. Does it sound louder than usual, is it making odd noises, is there a knocking sound? If yes, bring your car to our Kearny Mesa location today.

Service you Can Trust

Conveniently located in Kearny Mesa at 8027 Balboa Ave. Our techs provide stress-free oil change service daily. For local, honest, and dependable service you can trust. Call (858) 560-0156 or schedule an appointment online today!