West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission is your new local smog check and repair service station in San Diego, CA. Our shop is here to help keep California’s air cleaner by offering smog test and repairs in San Diego and throughout the Kearny Mesa area. California’s Clean Air act is important for the environment and our mission is to make sure each vehicle that enters our shop meets or exceeds the requirements. The program was created to not only help improve California’s air quality but also reduce car’s effect on the environment. On January 1, 2013, the act passed and the law states that all vehicle’s older than 1975 must have a smog check completed biennial, meaning every other year. If your vehicle does not pass the inspection due to high emission levels, you need to have your vehicle repaired and re-inspected at a STAR inspection center. While our San Diego location is not a STAR certified facility, our West Escondido location is. No matter what your vehicle needs the West Automotive Group is here to make sure your vehicle is serviced or repaired no matter what. Stop by our 8027 Balboa Ave. location or call (858) 560-0156 for your smog inspection.

How To Know if your Need A Smog Inspection

Vehicles are required to have a smog check based on their vehicle’s age, history, possibility of failure, and a few other indicators. Every year you will receive a vehicle registration renewal form from the DMV. The renewal form will state if you require a smog check and whether you require SMOG Certification at a STAR station. Additional further instruction will be specified on the back. If you do not see the “STAR Certified” wording on your renewal form, bring your vehicle to West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission for your smog inspection.

The Smog Check Program

Created to further preserve the environment, the Smog Check Program was created to help improve the air quality in Kearny Mesa and all over California. Over 10,000,000 vehicles are inspected each year in the state of California, and our hard work and persistence have allowed us to reduce pollution and meet federal standards. But, it doesn’t stop here we must keep working together to keep San Diego green and do our part to reduce our footprint.

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Contact West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission at (858) 560-0156, schedule service online, or stop by the 8027 Balboa Ave. location for your vehicle’s smog check today.

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