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Wheel Alignment in Kearny Mesa, CA

West Automotive Group Can Protect Your Tires

Your tires are one of your car’s most important components, but if your wheels are out of alignment, you’re doing them a major disservice. In fact, ignoring this issue can result in costly repair expenses. You’ll periodically need your wheels realigned, and when you do, you should stop by our auto repair shop in Kearny Mesa, California. At West Automotive Group, our ASE-certified technicians have the experience to handle any of your automotive or transmission concerns, including wheel alignment.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Wheel Alignment

What can happen to your vehicle if your wheels are misaligned? For starters, your tires will wear down quickly and unevenly because they will not properly displace your vehicle’s weight. Besides speeding up your need for new tires, this can also cause your car to drift to one side or the other even when your steering wheel is straight. Another major problem is that your suspension and steering systems will take most of the impact if you hit a bump or pothole. Any of these issues can be expensive to repair.

There are also important benefits to seeking professional wheel alignment services. Aligned wheels contribute to optimum gas mileage because your vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard to move forward. It also ensures a safer driving experience because your car will be easier to steer and control. If you want to keep your automobile in peak condition and avoid expensive repairs, you should bring it in for routine maintenance.

Know When It’s Time for Alignment

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious when you’re due for wheel alignment services. Some obvious signs include drifting and having an off-center steering wheel. However, misalignment can be gradual, so it may go undetected. That’s why it’s important that you bring your vehicle to our Kearny Mesa shop at least once every year or two (depending on your vehicle and your local road conditions). You should also get an alignment if you have new tires, got into a fender-bender, or if recently lifted your vehicle. If you’re just not sure if you need the service, stop by our facility, and we’ll be happy to take a look!

Why You Should Trust West Automotive

For decades, auto owners across San Diego County have trusted West Automotive Group to handle all of their automotive and transmission repairs. Our facilities are equipped with the latest equipment, and our technicians are trained and ASE-certified. We offer high-quality services, so if you need wheel alignment, routine maintenance, or some other auto repair need, call our office at (858) 560-0156 or visit our Kearny Mesa location — 8027 Balboa Avenue, Suite A.