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ADAS Service in Escondido, California

Stay Calibrated

What Is ADAS?

It’s a common question that gets overlooked a lot. Still, it is arguably one of the most important acronyms that come with your vehicle. ADAS stands for ‘advanced driver assistance system,’ and it is responsible for a number of actions that help keep you safe at all times while driving. The ADAS in your car collects data from all over that helps inform the car’s computer system as to the health of the vehicle. It uses sensor data for all of those little features we love, like accident avoidance assistance and automatic braking. Have you seen those futuristic self-driving cars? Those models are heavily dependent on the vehicle’s ADAS. It helps inform the vehicle when it needs to take control of things for the safety of the occupants inside. It helps to trigger the right dashboard lights in order to warn you of something coming. It even aids in things like automatic parallel parking and detecting obstacles when backing up! So, for cars that rely on this system for anything, it is imperative that it stays maintained and calibrated to the highest standard.

ADAS Calibration

At West Automotive Group in Escondido, CA, we understand that as cars progress and evolve with us, so do our services. A growing trend in the automotive industry is the need for ADAS recalibration, or the process by which an advanced driver assistance system is refreshed and physically realigned. All of those computerized sensors that clock your vehicle’s ADAS have to be precisely aligned and tested so that we can make sure the sensors are collecting the data it needs over time. Everything from automatic emergency braking to a vehicle’s forward collision warnings depends on this system working as efficiently and as accurately as possible. The growing need for ADAS calibration is one of the multitudes of reasons why we keep our diagnostic machinery top-of-the-line. A sensor that is off even a sixth of a degree can cut automatic vehicular response times in half. The issue? There is no obvious warning sign when these sensors are off track. That is why it’s imperative that ADAS checkups are added to your regular maintenance schedule. That way, one of our ASE-certified technicians or ATRA-certified staff will always have an eye on it, just in case.

Valued Service For A Valued System

ADAS service and calibration is important. Not to mention temperamental at times. It is a complex process that consumes more time than people may realize, but it is necessary to keep you and your family safe. At West Automotive Group, we provide on-site diagnostics and advice, and we can sit with you as long as it takes until we find a path forward that is acceptable for everyone involved. Don’t trust just anyone with one of the most valuable systems in your vehicle. Give us a call at (760) 741-0071 or stop by and see us at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029. Let us prioritize you and your family’s well-being.