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Clutch Repair in Escondido, California

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At West Automotive Group in Escondido, CA, we understand the importance of clutch repair and maintenance. That is why everything that we touch is blanketed with a competitive 24,000-mile nationwide warranty. However, many assume that the clutch is that lone pedal to the left of the brake that gives them such a hard time while driving. But it is so much more than that. The clutch is a piece of machinery that can connect and disconnect your vehicle’s transmission from its drive train. See, the engine that comes in your vehicle is designed specifically to kick on and stay on. So, all of its functions are roaring at peak capacity from the moment you turn over the ignition. Then, your transmission takes that spinning energy and transfers the motion to the drive shaft, which turns your car’s wheels. But, there are moments when you need your car stationary. There are moments when you need the spinning of your engine not to impede the movement of your vehicle. That is where the clutch comes in: it disengages the transmission from the motor so that shifting gears is possible without grinding against the engine’s natural movements. No wonder it’s important to maintain and replace!

Symptoms Of A Bad Clutch

The most common symptom of a worn or degraded clutch is slipping. If you are driving your vehicle and you feel your clutch slip in and out of gear whenever you accelerate, that is a major problem. Especially if you’re driving uphill or towing something heavy. If the speed of your vehicle increases, but your car doesn’t go faster, drive as safely as you can to see us. A slipping clutch has the ability to overheat other components, which increases the risk of expensive damage to repair. That isn’t the only symptom, though. If the clutch starts feeling soft or spongy beneath your foot, it’s time to check the clutch’s pressure plate. However, some symptoms are broader, such as general trouble shifting gears. If it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to shift into other gears, or if the clutch is making any noise whatsoever when shifting, then it’s time to bring your vehicle in to see one of our ASE-certified experts.

Shifting Should Be Easy!

If you are fighting your car in any way when it comes to shifting into other gears, that isn’t a good sign. If you hear sounds whenever you engage your clutch, that is even worse. If your clutch is doing anything except shifting smoothly, quietly, and without trouble, then that is where we come in. Stop by and see us at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029 or give us a call at (760) 741-0071. Come see why San Diego County trusts us with their clutches.