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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Escondido, CA

Understanding the Main Causes of the Check Engine Light — West Automotive Group

Do you know the importance of the check engine light? This specific trouble code became mandatory in models 1996 and newer as part of the U.S. government’s mission to lower vehicle emissions through second-generation on-board (OB2) diagnostics. If the system detects an issue, the light automatically comes on to inform the driver of a potential problem. At West Escondido Automotive & Transmission, we have the equipment to determine the source and provide repair.

Is the Check Engine Light Serious?

The check engine light, also known as the malfunction indicator lamp, illuminates for a variety of reasons—some minor, some severe. If yours has suddenly appeared in your dashboard, first check your gas cap! A loose gas cap can actually trigger the light to come on, which is why we recommend always double checking that as the first step. If it’s secure, the next order of business is determining the cause. When the light is on, it means your vehicle’s computer system detected a potential issue within the engine compartment. Most vehicles’ lights will be a steady glow, but if it starts flashing, a more severe problem could be at hand. We recommend pulling over as soon as it’s safe and calling for help.

Common Causes for the Engine Light to Turn On

So, what exactly prompts this trouble code to come on? A complication with the oxygen sensor that requires replacement can be the source. If left neglected, it will burn more fuel, compromise fuel efficiency, and even damage the spark plugs or catalytic converter. Bad spark plugs may also be the root cause, which lead to poor performance and fuel economy, a clogged catalytic converter, or ignition coil damage. An issue with the mass airflow sensor, fuel injector, thermostat, or emissions purge control valve or solenoid can also activate the check engine light. We mentioned the severity of the flashing light, which most commonly indicates engine misfire that has the power to overheat the catalytic converter.

Where Can I Go to Have My Car Looked at?

There’s only one way to resolve the check engine light—a visit to West Escondido Automotive & Transmission. Our technicians are certified and thoroughly trained to handle all service and repair requests. We see this trouble code regularly, making us the experts when it comes to diagnosing and fixing the issue. In our shop, we use specialized tools to establish OB2 diagnostic problems and will provide you with the results and next steps. If your vehicle requires repair, rest assured we only work with genuine parts for replacement and follow industry standards when it comes to the repair process.

Bring Your Car in Today for Check Engine Light Service

West Escondido Automotive & Transmission is located at 2200 Auto Park Way. We are home to a highly qualified team of technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and the commitment to restoring your vehicle to like-new condition. Contact us today at (760) 741-0071 to learn more about how we can serve you.