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Wheel Alignment Service in Escondido

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Your vehicle is susceptible to alignment from the moment you drive it off the lot. Usually, the vehicle is perfectly aligned when you purchase it, but it gradually becomes misaligned over time. It’s a natural effect from the wear-and-tear from normal road travel. The natural misalignment can be sped up by an impact with a pothole or a curb. Even if the impact is minor is can severely affect the alignment. The easiest way to tell how your wheel alignment has been affected is by loosening your grip on the steering wheel. If your vehicle starts to drift to the left or right on its own, you need to come to West Escondido Automotive & Transmission as soon as possible. Drivers may not realize their wheels are misaligned because they’ve adjusted their steering and control to compensate. Improve your vehicle’s safety and the safety of all of your passengers with a precise wheel alignment service. We use the industry’s most advanced alignment equipment to service your vehicle.

Protect Your Investment in Premium Tires

The most obvious sign of a wheel alignment need is that the tires are wearing unevenly. Check your vehicle’s tires for even tread wear the next time you take your vehicle for a drive. If one side is closer to balding than the other, then you need a wheel alignment service from. When your tires are wearing unevenly like this they are more susceptible to a flat or a puncture. We want to address any uneven wear as soon as possible to save you money and keep you safe. Losing control of your vehicle is much easier when it starts to have a “mind” of its own. Let us get your vehicle in perfect alignment today! We know how to use the latest technologies and have experience with all makes and models. Our team is determined to make your driving experiences safer by improving your vehicle’s handling and alignment.

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Service

We’re here to increase your vehicle’s ability to drive in a straight line. If you’ve recently had a minor or major impact, your wheels are probably misaligned. We have experience performing expert wheel alignment services for your vehicle. The sooner you bring your vehicle to our facility, the sooner we can get you back to safe, comfortable, and confident driving. Corrective wheel alignments are necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible–you, your fellow passengers, and other motorists. Give us a call today at (760) 741-0071 to schedule your wheel alignment service in Escondido, CA. Next time you’re in the area–2200 Auto Park Way–feel free to stop by!