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Brake Repair in Escondido, California

Stay Informed On The Road

Staying Safe Is Paramount

Here at West Automotive Group, it should come as no surprise that brake maintenance and repair is one of our most important things. Being able to stop on a dime or even slow down gradually requires regular check-ups on your vehicle’s brakes. That is why we work your car’s braking system into our individually tailored preventative maintenance plans. Not only is this a vital system for a working vehicle, but it’s also vital for your family’s health and safety. A worn-down braking system isn’t good for your bank account. Worn-down brakes are hard on tires, causing their tread to wear down quicker than necessary. Longer stopping distances mean more work for the mechanical workings of your braking system, which means repairs in their entirety have to take place sooner. It’s a financial cascade that can be prevented with regular braking system maintenance. However, we are concerned with the bigger issue: your safety. Having worn-out brakes increases the likelihood of everything from crashes and accidents to breakdowns and blowouts. So, why take the chance? Bring your vehicle to us today to have your brakes inspected. It’s always worth it for peace of mind regarding your and your family’s security.

Look Out For The Signs

The good thing about the braking system is that it has many built-in mechanisms that help alert the driver to the fact that something needs to be done. For instance, the tell-tale squealing of brakes. We’ve all heard it. We all cringe at the sound. But, hearing that squeal–or even a grinding sound–means your brake pads are completely worn down. For more modern vehicles, a dashboard indicator will click on to inform you that your brake pads are wearing down. When you see that dashboard light, it’s time to bring your vehicle to see us. Those aren’t the only signs, however. If your brake feels spongy, like you have to press it down further than usual to engage the brake itself, that is another sign that your car needs to come to see us. A spongy brake most likely means that something has come loose in your braking system and requires professional reattachment. But, if feeling things like this beneath your foot isn’t your specialty, then there’s one more sign to look out for longer braking distances. If bringing your vehicle to a stop takes longer, it’s time to get the brake system checked out.

Give Us A Call Today!

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, don’t delay. When you begin hearing those sounds or feeling those sensations, it means your braking system already has to work overtime to deliver on its promise of safety to you and the passengers inside your vehicle. A system you rely on that much for support should never be pushed to its limits. Mostly because we believe your safety isn’t something to gamble on. But it’s also not financially smart. For example, if that grinding noise starts and is left like that for too long, the brake rotors can become warped and damaged. That means they’ll need to be replaced, which means more money out of your pocket to fix the issue. Avoid those costly brake repairs. Give us a call at (760) 741-0071 or stop by and see us at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029. We welcome all walk-ins and encourage you to ask us any questions you need answers to to help you feel more comfortable with us.