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Automatic Transmission Repair in Escondido, California

What Everyone Needs To Know

Automatic Transmission Services

Here at West Automotive Group in Escondido, CA, our ATRA-certified mechanics have obtained years’ worth of experience and certifications on what is easily identifiable as the most important system in your automatic vehicle. The transmission system and the vehicle’s engine are a time-honored duo that works together to provide your car with the energy it needs to move. That is why any sort of breakdown or problem with an automatic transmission can spiral out of control quickly. While many auto repair shops focus solely on the health of the vehicle’s engine, we understand that the transmission is just as vital of a component to a vehicle’s overall health and performance. That is why we have made ourselves the number one destination for any and all things transmission-related. Our mechanics have obtained specific certifications and specialized training in order to pass their benefits to you. All of our transmission work comes with a three-year/100,000-mile warranty that keeps you covered no matter where you are. And we do all of this because we understand the importance of your vehicle’s transmission system and what it does to give you a piece of mind while on the road.

Transmission Health 101

There are a few common transmission issues that can crop up. Still, not everyone knows what they look like. Your vehicle’s transmission is a hearty system built for use and brute force in case of an accident. But it isn’t impenetrable, and it’s important to know the symptoms of a failing transmission to know when to bring your vehicle in to see us. Of course, regular maintenance schedules can always head these problems off at the pass. But that doesn’t always cover emergencies. So, what do these symptoms look like? One of the easier ones to see is a seal leak. If you move your vehicle and see dark red stains beneath it, that most likely means a transmission seal has been compromised. If that fluid leaks, lubrication can’t be provided to the transmission system, and larger issues can spiral from it. Having your transmission fluid and filter changed on a regular basis can keep you far away from a large portion of catastrophic transmission troubles. There are some issues it doesn’t fix, though. For instance, if your transmission has a broken sensor, the information that the sensor registers will be off. If your speed sensor is off or has simply degraded over time, that can cascade into issues with your car’s automatic shifting function. This can result in everything from slipped gears to overall limited gear operation. But, if your gears are jamming up completely, your transmission is overheating, and it may require a tow to get it to our auto repair shop so that we can handle it.

Protected By A Warranty

Whether you need a part replaced or an entire transmission rebuilt, we’ve got you covered. Between our comprehensive three-year/100,000-mile warranty on all of our transmission services and repairs and our ATRA-certified specialists, we have the entirety of your transmission system taken care of. Regular maintenance is imperative to the life of your automatic transmission, so don’t delay. Give us a call at (760) 741-0071 or stop in at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029 to pick our brains and get on our schedule. We can answer any questions you have and provide whatever services you need.