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Here at West Automotive Group, we know that your Mercedes Sprinter Van works long, hard hours for your benefit. As the best-selling van in the country for the last decade, they are built with some of the finest parts found in the automotive industry to date. Like their owners, sprinter vans put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to make your schedule and business function as it should. That is why we have become a one-stop shop for all things Mercedes Sprinter Van-related. However, some of the necessary repairs and maintenance for a vehicle such as this one can stack up quickly, which means more money out of your back pocket. So, to help aid in the cost and scheduling of these, we offer Mercedes Service A plans and Mercedes Service B plans. These plans break up the needed repairs and maintenance requirements into smaller, more financially manageable chunks in order to make things more manageable. Our ASE-certified mechanics and ATRA-certified technicians offer over four decades of cumulative experience, which means they are prepared to tackle anything that comes with your sprinter van service needs.

What Are Sprinter Van Services A & B?

We are so glad you asked! Simply put: these two service plans are two sides of the same coin. Mercedes Service Plan A focuses specifically on the service requirements necessary to help maintain the van itself. This particular plan is performed after the van racks up around 10,000 miles or after one year of ownership, depending on which comes first. Remember that any Sprinter van model made on or after 2009 has a 20,000-mile or two-year requirement for this service plan. In this plan, everything from oil changes to filter changes occurs, with visual inspections and brake inspections at the time of the list. If any damage is found during these inspections, we make it a point to sit with our customers and discuss the next steps. We repair things on your timetable and will only do something to your vehicle with your prior approval. Then, there is Mercedes Service Plan B. This plan is much more comprehensive than Plan A, and it is performed every 20,000 miles or two years. Again, whichever one of them comes first. This plan covers everything in Service Plan A but adds a few key components that are equally important to upkeep, such as HVAC clean-out and filter change, checking all around lubrication of joints, door hinges, trailer hitches, and locks. Your vehicle’s transmission oil is changed, and the filter is replaced with this plan. If your Sprinter van runs off a gasoline engine, spark plugs are checked and possibly replaced during this time as well. We also check to ensure your van’s V-belt is in good condition. And all of this comes together to work to the benefit of your Sprinter van so that you, your employees, and your loved ones can stay safe.

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Sprinter vans come equipped with a system called ASSYST, which stands for ‘active service system.’ This helps to notify the owner of the vehicle as to when certain service plans are necessary. This computer system takes all of the back-breaking work out of logging every mile your Sprinter van drives and is reset after every appointment. Service Plans A and B are crucial parts of the routine vehicle maintenance schedule for Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans. They keep ensuring that the van runs as smoothly as possible while keeping everyone, and everything, inside safe. The benefits of staying on a regular maintenance schedule are monumental, from fuel efficiency to optimal part performance. So, call us at (760) 741-0071 or stop in and see us at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029. We welcome walk-ins, new customers, old favorites, and even those with nothing but questions. Let us take care of your Sprinter vans today!