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So, what kind of fixes and buffs does an electric vehicle need, anyway? We are so glad you asked. Like any other vehicle, an electric vehicle needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. But, because an electric vehicle has a few different parts that function differently from their traditional vehicle counterparts, there are also specific repairs that come with this kind of car. For instance, the differences in their powertrain systems. The powertrain systems are inherently different because the way the cars derive their energy to propel the vehicle down the road is different. And because of these differences, they’ll require different maintenance and replacement requirements. The upside to all of this is that electric cars, especially their motors, usually require less upfront maintenance than their internal combustion engine counterparts. But that doesn’t mean they can go their entire lifetime without some sort of maintenance. Luckily for you, our ASE-and-ATRA-certified technicians are well-educated and highly skilled in the area of electrical vehicles.

What Else Do EVs Require?

An electric vehicle is a complex piece of machinery that hinges many of its abilities and performance on how well it is taken care of. That is why keeping tabs on every major system in an EV is imperative. The cooling system, for instance, is a prime example of a system that has changed in order to fit the engine type of a car. In gas-propelled vehicles, the cooling system centers around the combustion engine, which has very specific heating and cooling requirements and boundaries that it has to toggle between. Those same heating and cooling requirements are different in an EV, with the hub of the cooling system centered around the battery that gives the engine life in the first place. Routine maintenance check-ups should have your ASE-certified technician keeping an eye on things like coolant levels in order to ensure your car’s battery stays at peak efficiency. Software updates are An important aspect that many don’t have with electric vehicles. EVs often receive them from the manufacturer of the car, and these updates help to improve everything from potential issues with base code all the way up to improving what peak performance looks like. Staying updated on those software changes is vital to your electric car’s health and safe operation. Another system that operates differently is the braking system. In an EV, regenerative braking extends the brake pads’ life. When you depress the brake pedal in your electric vehicle, all of that kinetic energy behind your foot stomp switches the electric motor into generator mode. It soaks up all of that kinetic energy and converts it into the electric energy the vehicle needs, which then gets stored in the battery. All of this works in tandem to reduce the chronic need for mechanical brakes. But, elongating the lifespan of brake pads doesn’t negate the need for regular maintenance and eventual brake pad replacement.

More Than Repairs

Here at West Automotive Group, our ASE-and-ATRA-certified technicians are standing by. Whether you need a routine check-up for your EV or whether you need a second opinion on a quote for a repair, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art facilities are outfitted with the best diagnostic equipment and machinery the automotive industry offers. Come enjoy our complimentary lounge with wifi and coffee, or use our free shuttle service to stay on track with your day. Whether you give us a call at (760) 741-0071 or stop in and see us at 2200 Auto Park Way Suite A, Escondido, CA 92029, make sure to book an appointment with us! Let us show you why our customers started and stayed with us.