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Suiting Up for the Rough Game: Pads and Shoes

Brake Shoes vs. Brake Pads Everybody knows that a car’s brakes play a rough game. They have to slow down for every hazard, halt for every red traffic light or sign, and come to a screaming hot stop for emergencies. They protect you by stopping your vehicle in the same way proper attire and safety […]

The Straight Line About Alignment

Recognizing the Importance of Wheel Alignment When your vehicle is still operable, it’s easier to ignore the signs of trouble than if it were broken down. While some things are okay to ignore for a while if you need to (a broken radio or your desire for shiny new paint), wheel alignment isn’t something to […]

Is Brake Fluid Really a Vehicle Component?

What Does Brake Fluid Do? Although brake fluid may not seem to be a major vehicle component such as a transmission or wheels, it is indeed vital to your auto’s ability to operate safely. All facets of braking system function, maintenance, and repair are crucial. To ensure the safe operation of your vehicle, keep your […]