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Is Your Car Starting To Drive You?

This Is Why Your Arms Feel So Tired It’s date night, and dinner is already calling your name. You jump behind the wheel of your vehicle, crank up that smooth engine, and ease your way onto the road. Except, something doesn’t feel right. The wheel keeps tugging you in a different direction. Your knuckles whiten […]

Every Car Needs A Tune-Up!

When someone says ‘car maintenance,’ what pops into your head? Oil changes? Putting air in your tires? Maybe topping off windshield wiper fluids? You’d be correct in all of those assumptions, but there’s more to it than that. Regular vehicle tune-ups are more than just oil changes and cleaning dirty air filters. Whether you’re restoring […]

So, Your Car Failed A Smog Check?

Diagnose the Issues In California, failing a smog check means your vehicle is releasing too many destructive chemical compounds into the air. Bummer, right? A licensed professional can help you diagnose and rectify the issue, but sometimes knowing what you’re up against can help with the anxiety of the situation. Smog checks are no joke; […]