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What Are Oxygen Sensors?

Oxygen Sensor FAQ’s — West Automotive Group Your car has something called an oxygen sensor. You may have also discovered that if an oxygen sensor goes bad, it can trigger a check engine warning. But perhaps you still have some additional questions about the O2 sensor. We’ll be glad to answer the most frequently asked […]

Vehicle Diagnostics: Explained

Diagnosing the Source of Your Car Trouble — West Automotive Group Nearly every driver will see a dashboard warning light illuminate at some point, and all drivers know that this is their car’s way of telling them it needs some attention. Few vehicle owners, however, are equipped to diagnose the exact nature of the root […]

What Is a Catalytic Converter

Can Somebody Please Explain The Catalytic Converter? — West Automotive Group New vehicles sold in the United States must meet federal Clean Air Act standards. Put in place in the 1970s, these regulations help protect our environment by controlling the emissions released into the air by our cars. An important component of the exhaust system […]