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Understanding the Total Oil Package, Including Additives

What Are Engine Oil Additives? Every vehicle owner knows that oil is important to auto operation. Few, however, understand why oil is so critical and how additives function to enhance an already good substance. We’re glad to give you a little information, and we’re also here to help you with all your oil change needs. […]

Having a Compressor is Cool, Literally

You Can Control the Weather (Inside Your Car) Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the weather? Every day would be your ideal temperature. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system (or heat) is working well, you can indeed control the weather–at least inside your car. However, staying comfortably cool depends upon your AC’s compressor, […]

New Drivers, Same Old Habits

Good Driving Habits for New Drivers New drivers have the unique opportunity of a fresh start, so developing good motoring habits early is important. This becomes particularly important when one considers that 75% of all major crashes involving teens (who comprise the majority of the novice driver group) are the result of three common factors. […]