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Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Engine Oil Leak

Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Oil Leak Oil leaks can be difficult to diagnose because it could indicate various problems with your vehicle’s oil system. Luckily, oil leaks can be avoided by oil system repairs and oil changes at a reputable auto repair shop. At West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission in San Diego, […]

Transmission Rebuilds 101

Transmission Rebuilds 101 Does your vehicle have a failing automatic transmission? Your vehicle will need transmission repair, and if it needs a transmission rebuild, it will need to be removed by a professional at an automotive shop. Transmission wear causes damage to its components, and it needs tight tolerances to function properly. Our highly skilled […]

4 Reasons Why You Need Fleet Maintenance

4 Reasons Why You Need Fleet Maintenance When it comes to commercial trucks and vans, fleet maintenance is crucial for the sake of the vehicles’ lifespan, as well as people’s time and safety. Poorly maintained vehicles can break down on the road and become costly for repairs. Get fleet maintenance by a fleet service provider […]

5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check

5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check Your vehicle passing a smog check is essential because if you fail, you won’t be able to legally drive your car. Smog tests exist to ensure that cars aren’t producing too many emissions, keeping the air clean as possible. Follow these five tips on how to […]

Four Common Vehicle AC Problems

Four Common Vehicle A/C Problems You’ll definitely feel it when your car’s air conditioning system goes out but there’s an array of issues that you personally can’t pinpoint. It may be your car’s a/c system has a clogged filter, a cooling fan problem, radiator trouble, or you might just need to recharge your AC. At […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Brakes

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Brakes Although you might not think about your vehicle’s brake system daily, you use them every time you need to press down on your brake pedal and slow down your car. Don’t take your brakes for granted. Several things can go wrong if you think you can ignore your brakes. […]

Why Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

Why Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment? Wheel alignment is a critical adjustment performed on your vehicle’s suspension that ensures your car is balanced and drives straight. Proper wheel alignment also facilitates good tire performance, so you don’t have to take your car to an auto repair shop every few months for tire replacement. […]

Oh, No! My Check Engine Light Is On!

Can I Keep Driving? You’re out on a cruise with the sunroof opened up, and the windows rolled down. Your favorite song blasts through your vehicle’s speakers, sending your head bobbing to the beat. It’s a good day, with the sun out and a cool breeze wafting all around you. Then, you see that dreaded […]

Should I Get My A/C Repaired?

The Short Answer Is “Yes” Should you shovel out the big bucks to get your air conditioning repaired? The hot summer sun would absolutely tell you, “yes.” However, fixing an air conditioning system can be a costly repair. Routine maintenance of your vehicle can keep you from expensive fixes that may strangle your savings account, […]

There Are How Many Car Suspension Types?

The Four Types Of Car Suspensions Picture it: you’re driving along a scenic route with trees changing colors. Rich reds catch your eye. Bright yellows morph into soft oranges. Trees sway with the breeze filtering through the cracks in your car windows, filling your nostrils with fresh air. Then, you slam into a pothole. Your […]